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Ugh, I hear ya about the veins. I had a bad PP infection after DS was born and was in the hospital for a week on abx while they tried (unsuccessfully) to figure out where it was. 3 major abx taken through an IV and my veins are trashed. After the first blew, they tried 11 more sites to get a vein and each time they touched them, they blew. 4 nurses, the nurse anesthesiologist and finally the anesthetist later and I had one tenuous IV in the inside of my wrist. It was either that or a PICC line, which at that point I was begging for if they would just stop stabbing me. Had to keep that wrist hyperflexed for 3 days while they finished the abx. So I went in last week for my blood draw and the second she tried to touch my veins in either arm, they rolled really badly. Off to the lab I went (though it was much better there). I really hope I dont get dehydrated, itll be 100X's worse.

Anyone else have experience? Will my veins ever recover or are they going to be permanently ruined?
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