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Originally Posted by lisha622 View Post
I have the world's smallest veins too... they won't let me give blood at blood drives. And when I was IN LABOR they had a newbie poke me and she missed the vein so I got a bruise and they had to poke me again (for my IV)....
I feel your pain mama! When I went into premature labor with DD I had 3 different nurses try to get an IV in 17 (YES 17!!!) different times. Both arms and hands were covered in purple bruises and were so sore. I couldn't hardly pick anything up for a week. After the last try they finally called up the anesthesiologist and he got it in one try . Total opposite from my DH. During an ER visit one of the nurses spotted DH from across the room and quite loudly exclaimed "Oh yeah! I'd love to get my hands on those veins!" . I'm totally jealous of it, I hate getting poked .
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