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I am so tired of bottles

With dd#1 we ended up with Dr. Browns after some trial and error. Dd had a lot of gas and these are what worked best for her. They were a PITA to clean but they helped dd so I was fine with that. Fast forward she is 10 months and they came out with all the BPA "stuff" so I traded in all of our Dr. Brown's bottles and just went with the playtex drop ins since we would be going to sippy cups soon and she wasn't having as much of a problem with gas. With dd #2 we just used the playtex drop ins again and even though she also had a lot of gas she was fine on these. Now dd#3 has gas and reflux so she spits up a lot. She is not liking the drop ins at all. I got one of the new Similac bottles free with a container of formula dn she likes that bottle much better and spits up a lot less when I use it. So now I have to tell dh that we are going to get rid of the drop ins and buy more of the Similac bottles. Ugh....hopefully I can at least sell the old bottles on ebay or craigslist and pay for most of the new ones.
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