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Question How to convince dh to have another???


Dh STILL says no. I've tried to explain to him; "You know how you can never imagine your life without these kids? Well, that's how I feel about the one I'm missing and you saying we're done". He still doesn't get it.
Ugh. I really wish I could change his mind without "pushing" him into it. My only hope is that he was adament about getting a vasectomy after #3 BUT he decided not to for some reason unknown to me but still is saying we're done. Why can't ANY of my children be the little "opps! miracle"????? I'm on Mirena. Maybe I should get it taken out and tell him that if he wants to prevent another child, he can use a condom then or get with the program of one more????? I don't know. *sigh*
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So, we have 3 beautiful, healthy children and I want one more. Dh says we're fine and doesn't want any more.
How do I convince him to have another without pushing him into it?
Am I being totally unreasonable?

Back story:
My hubby works in oil & gas so he's in the Southern part of the country ALOT! We're debating moving to a more central location so he can be around more BUT, we're not sure if he will actually BE around more since he travels to where the jobs are, and they're all over. He's sometimes gone 3 months at a time. It's been this wasy for 6 years and I honestly am ok with it. The kids don't know any different and I don't let them miss out on things because he's gone. The only thing they miss is Dad being there at night. BUT, when he's home, it's for 2-3 weeks and he's a more present Dad than some I see that are home every night.
This is dh's reason for why no more.
I want one more. I've always envisioned having 4 kids and don't yet feel complete. If there's one more, I'm done. I don't want any more than 4 mini-me's walking around this earth. We have family in town and around the area that help.

So, what's a Mama to do? I don't want to push him into it but I also can't ignore my feelings on the issue either.
Anyone else been in this situation?
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