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Re: Update from the MW...lots to think about

definitly pray. I will keep you in my prayers too. I haven't had a baby without pitocin, so I don't know any other way. I was induced with 2 and was given it with the other 2 to speed things up. I have never had a spinal or an epideral, I am TERRIFIED of needles so the thought of one going into my spine terrifies me!!! So I have had them o'natural.

I can see why you are thinking the way you are, why wait if inducing and if it can wait then why not wait till baby comes on his own. I am with you there, tough decision!!! I would pray pray pray and when you go back on Thursday just tell her that. Why not induce now? If waiting is ok, then why not wait until he comes on his own?

I pray you get a peace of what you should do for you and your baby. I will pray you are not scared!!

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