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I've been in this situation before. My ex had a totally wacked out psycho GF, that he later married and is now estranged from. My DS was 2-5 while she was around. She was always pulling crap like this and even went as far to say TO MY SON that she'd be a better mommy to him because I don't treat him right. Mind you, her and ex had their kids taken away from them by CPS around this time. Totally speak up. Its rude, immature and disrespectful. Courts don't mess around with this either. I brought it up to my attorney at the time and he was concerned. Its manipulation of a child and its not ok.

I ended up finding out because my son came home crying and I got it out of him because he thought I wasn't his mom anymore and he was really upset. Its confusing to them. They pulled the same "don't tell your mom" card. Thank God my ex and I Co parent peacefully now without this crazy person interfering.
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