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Re: Mesa, AZ anyone??

Thanks, great info! DH's final interview was Friday so hopefully we will hear this week. They actually did not recommend Mesa because it is a long drive from where the office is in Scottsdale...didn't look so far on a map! They recommended looking in the Northern part of Pheonix near Desert trails elementary on the map. I am in Ohio now and we end up being stuck inside so much during the winter so I figure if the heat keeps us in during the summer it can't be much different than being stuck inside during the winter here. My kids aren't in school yet though so I'm sure it is worse to be stuck in for summers when they are on break.

I actually already looked up cloth diaper stores know the important stuff when relocating Funny because I don't have anybody in diapers right now!

Samandy...thanks for the newsletter name! We stay pretty busy here so I know I'll be looking for stuff to do. It's not even for sure yet, but I'm already nervous about getting out and making friends.
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