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My list included the monster task ,of cleaning garage. Which the downstairs is typical garage stuff and we did all that in one day last week. BUT, the upstairs is like our "basement", its all storage.
Spent 8 hrs Friday working on it, a couple last night. None today cause we r going to 2 fathers day celebrations., but tomorrow am putting in some real time as well as both dh and I will be home in the morning and early afternoon.
Bout halfway done. Some MAJOR purging going on. Junk. But then lots of stuff to keep like construction supplies(plumbing electrical, hardware, etc) that we will still use. But that is now all nicely organized in give and labeled. I love it.
But we are hosting part of a bachelor party next Saturday so we have a deadline!. I'm hoping all the sorting purging will be done by wed so then I can set up tables, clean out fridge and counters out there, stock fridge, "decorate", and oxide on making all th snackey food.
Oh and we have to put in a fire pit, and kill weeds under our deck and lay landscape fabric and get a load of stones for under there. Dunno if all that will happen by sat, but that is the goal. Glad dh will be around a lot this week so we can put in some major time.
Also glad that this paroject, the BIGGEST one on my list, will be checkec off so early. After that its focusing on moving my son into new bed and bedroom, decorating that for him, and then little stuff, organizing baby stuff, freezer meals, etc...
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