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Re: Any ideas to make it to term?

Originally Posted by sillyutalktome View Post
Boonenicumama and madebytrudi - How are you ladies doing? Everything going ok? I've already started having some contractions and while they are irregular I am pretty freaked. I'm 22 weeks tomorrow. Way too early to have contractions. Everything is still really irregular so just rest and hydrate for treatment. Next cervical check in two weeks.
22 weeks Wednesday! That being said, I have been fighting contractions and light spotting since 16 weeks. Everything has checked out fine so far and we are checking the cervix every other week until we know something more. I have had to go in for major migraines twice and dehydration once. So far so good. Bean is trying to stay sticky and comfy it seems with how she is kicking and wiggling and throwing just a major fit with life ! However, I love the fact she's still IN there, and am totally okay with her staying PAST her due date if we could swing it! ..... Of course, since I am gonna be a section, that's not gonna happen :P

How are you doing mama? It can be a bit scary to have your body start to act without your consent, but I have two amazing angels that show that you can make it, even early with the odds against you. <3 We are gonna have healthy, amazing babies!!
OMG!! Feb 28th, 2012!! Will be final addition to our other angels :

Abby (11) Hailey (9) Katlyn (6) Savanna (2) Grace (1) Angel baby May 2011, and Angel Baby Dec 25th 2011. & ANNABELLE Oct. 17th 2012!!!
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