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Julia--thanks so much for checking out my blog!! and the compliment on DS's hair. I really like it long. we have always kept it long. I can't imagine what he would look like with short hair. I always either get compliments or "that boy needs a haircut" comments which annoy me. Does your DS have much hair? My DS's grew much faster than DD's. I still feel a little unsure about the blogging stuff. I'm not a very good writer although I do like it. That's so cool that you're a writer!! I agree I don't want to spill my guts. I plan to keep it sort of short and simple. I've been wanting to update it this week but something got spilled on the keyboard and now a few keys are broken. Oops, not sure who did it! those play stands look really awesome!! I love them. Definitely good for storage and fort and castle building too! my cough is finally almost gone. I was laughing about your throat tickle watering eyes story. That happened to me the other day too! Annoying for sure! DD refuses to be ignored while she's crying too. She's been a little better the past week or do although Friday was rough. She has thrush again too which can't feel good. I can't wait to see what you embroider! I thought the price on that felt was pretty fair too. I love looking at the pretty color combos. Do you knit also??? Are you on Ravelry?

ETA-forgot to add, congrats on his first steps!!!

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