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Re: Baby has trouble swallowing?!

My son had the same issues. We ended up waiting until he was 10 months before he could really start swallowing anything. I happened to WAY overproduce breastmilk, so keeping up with his nutritional needs wasn't an issue. He nursed until he was 2.5 because he had trouble swallowing. I was on a big "doctors are the devil" kick during that time, and I really regret missing out on the therapy he could have recieved if they had recognized and treated his feeding issues earlier on. He's 4 now and still coughs and chokes at every meal (nearly every bite) and has recurring resperatory issues from aspirating his food.

I'd say when you go back to your pedi, ask if they'll refer him to a feeding speech therapist for an evaluation. That's who my son will be working with now. It's important to get those issues recognized and treated as early as possible to give them the best foundation for developing speech and language ability.

Be really specific about asking for a feeding evaluation with a speech therapist. You may also find it worth it to have him seen by a developmental pediatrician, who might refer him for an ENT evaluation and some other tests to examine whether the issues are neurological, anatomical, etc.

Hope things work out with minimal intervention, and that you are able to access the resources you need.
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