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Re: Small infertility vent

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support. I decided to stay off the internet today to avoid all the Father's Day stuff. I follow a lot of "mommy blogs" and it was tough to get so many emails today, but I know tomorrow will be worse. Mother's Day was awful, but the following Monday was a nightmare with all those blog posts coming to my email.

I know eventually things will work out like they are supposed to, I'm just having a very hard time not being jealous and really really sad. I love the support women get on this site, thank you ladies for being awesome. I have no friends IRL to talk to - my BFF is on her mission and we can only exchange letters and we just moved to the Twin Cities a few months ago and I have not made a single friend here, so it's just really really hard.

ETA: My mom is a great listener, but got pregnant her first time trying with each of her kids and just keeps telling me that it will happen when I relax. I told her it's more than that, but I am going crazy!
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