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Originally Posted by My_Tree_Grows View Post
I'm with you, mamas! I know its especially hard to be relaxed about it after fertility issues and/or loss. I'm feeling a bit better since throwing up a couple of times today, haha! I'm still BF'ing, that part won't hurt. Your body can do this, the conception was the only new part, you've already carried lives inside of you, borne them, and sustained them for many months of their lives with your body via nursing.
Yes but I know lots that had few & then misscarried or something too & then ok 4 few more kids & since I don't feel pregnant or like b4 two pregnancies I'm not sure & my reading & all... just don't know what to do......or if I'm overthinking / jumping the gun.... I know each is different but both my other I was so nauseated & first vommited lots but not with second just nauseated even now.
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