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Re: Let's talk about.....

Originally Posted by rachaeljohnson View Post
this is probably way tmi but my dh and i were having some foreplay 41 weeks pregnant with my son and he was super low and my hubby felt his head turn sideways while his fingers were down...ahem...there. Freaked him out.

I also hopped in the shower 10cm dilated waiting for the baby to descend and the urge to push and my dh popped a woody bc i was naked...i almost killed him. ha ha

he would be mortified.
haaaa ditto brookglen.

Well, here's the dealio. I finally really started liking sex when I was pregnant with DD. And I've continued to like it, but I definitely am more horny when pregnant. Which is awesome. At this point, I'm "into" it, but I am feeling a little sick so it'll be nice when I'm out of the sick stage and can just be into it. Also, DH thinks hot women are even hotter/sexier when pregnant (weirdoooo haha), so he is definitely attracted to me when pregnant.

When I see pregnant ladies, I always joke and cover his eyes.
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