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Re: Any ideas to make it to term?

I have seen midwives for my last 5 babies...all have been PROM @ 38, 36, 38, 35+ & then 31 weeks. With the last one water broke @ 31...spent a week in hospital on drugs before he started showing major distress. He ended up being exactly 32 weeks by just a few hours. This time I am seeing an OB due to being high risk (high chance of another preemie). They are doing more ultrasounds as well as putting me on progesterone. If it starts looking like we are following the same pattern later on then they will be more agressive...but for now it's just a "wait & see" how it goes...
I am due November 29th. I'd be happy just to make it to any date in November...I found it SO hard to do a month of NICU with a houseful of kids at home...
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