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Re: how often are you feeling your baby move?

DDC- this is my second successful pregnancy and while I started feeling DS1 moving at 19 weeks, I didn't feel definite "yup- that's baby!" movement until at least 20-21 weeks this time. Though I did feel him from the outside sooner this time around. I've been super anxious this entire pregnancy and feeling like a FTM all over again. I've since learned that this LO has a very distinct pattern; he'll be crazy active for up to aweek, and then a day ortwo of next to nothing. Thankfully I have a doppler (that i've been using far too much) but I've stilled called the midwife a few times about it.

All that to say, don't worry too much. It is still early, even if it doesn't seem/feel that way :-)

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