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Re: What do you in my position?

Originally Posted by MrsA08 View Post
Erg, they just came out with an article in yesterday paper about the banning of VBACs and it said the the second hospital will be discontinuing them July 1st because their liability insurance company asked them to due to the fact that more women would be seeking VBACs there since the other hospital nearby banned them. Now the closest place that offers them is 80 miles away!
We aren't exactly in a financial position to be driving 80 miles twice a month and switching doctors isn't really in my plans. I am so upset. Now every time I see other people's incredible birth stories I get saddened because I know I will never have an opportunity to have the birth of my choice. I freakin' hate bureaucracy.
I'm so sorry, mama. The whole c-section/VBAC politics topic makes me so angry. So angry! You should get to go for a VBAC if it's safe and that's what you want. And the American College of Gynecologists has even stated that it's safe and recommended for women who've had a c-section to go for a VBAC, barring other conditions making it unsafe. I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you.

I had a c-section with my first, then a VBAC. We lived in California then, and when I got pregnant with baby #3, we were living in Maryland, which is downright hostile toward women and VBACs. I couldn't find a midwife in the area, and the OBGYN I started going to said they would, "let" me "try," for a VBAC, since I'd already had a successful one. That statement struck me as ridiculous... you will LET me TRY? LET??? It's my dang body! Thankfully, we moved to PA, which is a little more progressive-I will be having a homebirth with a midwife.

I hope and pray that everything works out and you get your VBAC.
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