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Re: Whats your laundry routine??

Umm, wait til it piles up and overwhelms the house? lol
I am lucky that DH has off one weekday/week, so usually that day, plus Saturday are "laundry days." Loads go in asap and get moved along whenever we're around to do it. Clean laundry piles up everywhere.
Then DH and I fold and watch tv in the evenings. We have a TV in the bedroom which we recently got cable for again (it was totally useless w/o, couldn't even get local channels w/o cable box) simply bc we realized we weren't folding laundry without it!
Our stuff is minimal folding - most things get hung up or shoved in a drawer. Lots of piles, no sock matching :-o DD's stuff gets sorted and put in a bin, then we throw it all into her closet/drawers when she's awake and playing.
Diapers are 2/week and I sort/stuff the following evening (works out that DH is not there on those nights) - usually with a crappy DVR'ed show and a glass of wine!
And let's be honest... sometimes that clean laundry really does sit in a basket for a week. Oh well.
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