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Re: Do your kids' names have family meaning?

Originally Posted by kbz2002 View Post

DD is Victoria Elizabeth. MIL was Veronica Elizabeth. We call her Torie for the uniqueness (less affliation with a person).

Baby #2 will be:

If boy: Lukas James (my great grandfather was Lukasz, James- my husbands great grandfather).

If girl: Eloise Jane. Growing up there was a little old lady who didn't have any children and lived across from me, her name was Louise. She was important to me and I always wanted Louise (infact that's what I wanted to name dd but DH didn't like it). Now that we are pregnant again, while I do like Louise my nicknames for Louise became popular here. So I went with a varietation. My husband and I both have an aunt jane in the family.

If baby 2 is a boy or girl, nickname is "LJ". LJ is the uniqueness so there is less affiliation with anyone.
Our Eloise was very close to being Eloise Jane! We switched it at the last minute!

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