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DH and I are probably atheist (although I do lean towards pantheism when the mood strikes, and I agree with some of the philosophy behind various belief systems). DS is too little for it to be much of an issue for him personally. I hope to teach him about many religions, their histories, and the development of religion/church, and it is my goal to teach him tolerance and compassion through my own actions.

I worry now about my MIL. She had a difficult childhood and adolescence, and she feels that church and God truly saved her. She has made it clear that she wants us to go to church with her (usually requests that for mothers day or birthday present), but our work schedules make it hard to go, so we can passively decline. I'm pretty sure she knows we are not Christian, but now with DS in the mix, there is more tension about it. We will need to have a discussion soon, I'm sure, just to make sure she understands. She means well, but her lack of education about and intolerance of other beliefs (and thoughtlessness towards those who hold them) make me uncomfortable.
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