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Re: "Morning" sickness?

I was able to get my OB to call in a Rx of Zofran even though he hasn't even seen me for my 1st appt! I took my 1st dose last night and it helped. Even took it last night before bed (actually went to bed late). But at 4am, the nausea was back in full force and took more peppermint & ginger with relief until I woke up. I was up after 9am and took some ginger/peppermint and thought the nausea would go away after an hour like it normally does. It is now 5 hours later and I am STILL 4/10 nausea.

I guess I can be grateful that this isn't like DS's pregnancy. But I also didn't know about ginger, peppermint, sour things, zofran, phenerghen......... And the more nauseated I am, the more I know this baby will stick.
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