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Re: I yell at my kids so much I get head aches!

I didn't read the responses but some things that come to mind.... have you tried any of these, or do you think they would help?
*group stretching in the mornings, you and all 3 kids on the floor doing stretches together, if they are co-operative maybe add in jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups?
*have the boys spend some time apart from each other, seperate rooms if possible. maybe they are spending too much time together?
*I would give the boys chores. my kids are 5 and 3 and LOVE doing chores. they fight over them actually.
*have a specific time during the day when all 3 kids sit at the table to do something together, like play doh or bean counting/measuring, some game?

That might not be helpful but and best wishes anyway Mama, I hope it gets better soon!
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