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Re: Small infertility vent

Thanks. I've been having a lot of "triggers" from stuff that doesn't usually make me sad and I've been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms for a month and a half or so - but about 15 negative tests - and have just been super emotional with no provocation lately and that is super unlike me.

It doesn't help with having all sorts of pregnant friends right now. One girl (used to be my BFF) is "finally" having a girl after her one son. She's always told me that she never wanted a boy because they aren't any fun. Even after her son was born. Her and her BF live with her mom, who takes care of the baby all the time even though my friend doesn't work. It just makes me so angry. I have a hard time feeling happy for these girls and I just don't feel like they "deserve" their pregnancies and babies, even though I know that's unreasonable. It makes me feel like a terrible person to think this way!
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