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Please don't judge-but help!*Updated with some news*

Okay, so i know this is a TTA and people are on all sorts of birth control and trying everything they can to prevent getting pregnant, but i am not trying my hardest to prevent pregnancy. we're not NOT trying (no BC, condoms, etc) just pull out if we ended up pregnant we would be happy. LOL. so my question is......I got my last AF 5/6 and according to my iPhone period tracker i should have gotten AF about a week ago. i was having AF symptoms-cramping, hotflashes, bloating....but then i started having some unusual symptoms around that same time. for about a week my lower back was KILLING me. like never before. and it still happens from day to day but not as bad. and my boobs. OMG my boobs. they usually never hurt before AF. and that was one of my early pregnancy symptoms last time-sore boobs and hightened sense of smell (which i do not have). also, i have been SUPER, super tired lately. for the past 3 days or so. i am NEVER like this before AF. i hardly got up off the couch today and i snoozed for about 3 hours while napping with my LO. my eyes feel so heavy latley and i am just so lazy. i have also been having food aversions. i think of some foods i LOVE and makes my stomach turn. i mean these MAY be AF symptoms but they seem to me like pregnancy symptoms. also, has anyone had the the same pregnancy symptoms as they did with there 1st or were they completly different?? and have any of you truely gotten pregnant from your OH "pre-ejaculate"? my OH pulls out everytime. i will test in 1 week if no AF shows and symptoms are still strong...i wouldn't mind having another little munchkin!

POAS today (6/25/12) and sure enough BFP!!!!!!!!!!!
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