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normal 5/6 year old behavior?

anyone have a 5-6 year old girl??
im about at the end of my rope with mackenzie idk if what she is doing is normal 5 year old stuff or something else? she is soooo sweet and helpful about 1/2 the time, loves to clean(hehehe). the other 1/2 she is sooo moody and defiant. she says multiple times a day that everyone hates her and she regularly will draw a picture just to destroy it bc "no one likes it" even if its already been praised:/ she ALWAYS complains that her throat hurts but 3 doctors have found nothing wrong with it? i think part of it may be her cousins being gone and she hasnt really seen them in the last month(maybe 5 minutes a week at church?) but some of the time she just comes across as manipulative like tonight she really wanted pizza from a particular spot. she pouted for pizza(we'd already agreed to get it just hadnt told her yet) we got it and then she was pouting bc "remember when my cousins lived with us and they would go away for the weekend to grandmas and we would have pizza and watch scooby doo and sleep in the living room?" thts why she was upset?!?! ok no scooby doo bc they have killed 2/3 computers in the last 2 weeks(no tv). and right now mommy is sleeping on the couch so there's no room:/ so i said maybe when christina watches them(when i have the baby, my bff). she still went to bed crying granted bed time was an hour late but omg what cn i do???

ETA im 39.5 weeks pregnant and dh just started working 12 hour days after being unemployed for 18+ months so im sure those changes dont help:/
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