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Re: normal 5/6 year old behavior?

It seems pretty typical of a 5 year old from my limited experience. She also sounds a lot like my 4.5 year old son with the picture drawing and then destroying it because he says it isn't good. My son also often says "This is a bad day." or "I am not having a good day," in his "mad" voice (or he yells it) and crosses his arms and sits in the corner. He says that just because we don't have bananas or whatever. He can be so dramatic.

But, back to the 5 year old age...My 6 year old seemed to suddenly get this awful attitude and drama when he turned 5. It's like instead of the terrible twos it is the fierce fives. I was recently over at a friends house for a play date. Her son had just turned 5 a couple weeks ago. He was totally getting an attitude with her a lot of the time. Out of ear shot of him, she says, "I don't know what's with him lately." I replied, "he just turned 5." She laughed but totally agreed that 5 is a tough age as far as attitude goes. She has an older child also.

It does sound like she is in transition, but I also think she is just 5. It's like they realize they aren't a pre-schooler anymore, but haven't yet realized they are still a kids. LOL.

Good luck!
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