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antibiotic woes

Okay, DS is on round #6 of antibiotics since 6/15. He's had amoxicillin, zithromax, iv gentomycin, another round of zithromax, omnicef, and is now on augmentin. (I HATE augmentin!) Poor little thing, he's been so sick, and I understand that he needs the antibiotics. We're suspecting some underlying issues ... sigh ...

Anyway ... he has such a yeast rash from all of this, and the augmentin has added diahrrea. I've already been slathering him with lotrimin, which seemed to be helping the rash UNTIL we started augmentin.

Diahrrea = sposies around here. I figure I have enough to do without having to do diaper laundry every day plus try to get stains out and deal with super nasty poop! Plus I can feel free to slather diaper cream all over him and not worry about it hurting the diapers. Here's my problem though. The diapers aren't holding the poop in! They're doing fine except when he's sitting and goes, then the poop comes out the top because there's no elastic there. So then we have poop all over his clothes.

So I was thinking what if I put a cover over the sposies? I have a bunch of ME airflow covers and other cheap little covers that DO have elastic on the back and would at least protect his clothes. Has anyone tried that before? Does it sound reasonable? Of course that's still leaving me some diaper laundry, but not as bad because I can wipe some of the poop off of the cover. More the better if it actually would hold the poop in.

Anyone been there? Have any suggestions? We're on day 3 of 10 with the augmentin, btw. Even worse, we're going on a trip Friday including a 5 hour flight! ICK~!! (YES, we will make sure to have plenty of extra clothes in our carryon bag for both him and ME!)
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