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Anyone else have Zofran shut down their digestion. I used it in a previous pregnancy and it helped the nausea, but I had terrible gas and my intestines shut down...didn't go #2 for like a week.

I just tried it again last night before supper. Felt great for about 4 hours then felt like I had eaten rocks. I writhed around all night trying not to get sick until 4AM, when I finally did. I feel awful this AM. SO FRUSTRATED. I have 8 kiddos to care for, the nausea is more severe than it has been for many pregnancies....I cannot just go lie down this time. If the Zofran wouldn't shut me down it would help a lot. Phenegran makes me loopy and sleepy, so it isn't a good choice either. I am NOT looking forward to the next 10 weeks (I usually have nausea until 16 weeks...last pregnancy some remained in the AM throghout, but it was mild so I dealt with it okay)
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