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Re: Zofran

I have had HG with all my pregnancies & have had to take both Zofran & Phenergan almost the entire time. I'm not really sure that it is the Zofran causing digestive issues or just the HG itself....I know many times I have eaten or drank just a teeny bit only to feel miserable for hours & not have any relief until I would finally throw up I know sometimes adding a motility medication like Reglan helps with that, but I can't remember how early they will add that type of medication. Zofran can cause terrible constipation for sure, but there are things that are safe in pregnancy that you can use to help that....fiber supplements, milk of magnesia, glycerin suppositories....even an enema as a last resort, although hopefully the other things work first as I almost died when my midwife suggested that lol. How much Zofran are you taking & in what form ODT or pills? Sometimes taking half a dose more frequently or in a different form will help minimize the side effects. Could you possibly already be dehydrated? Maybe going in for some fluids would help. I just started getting really sick Saturday but by Monday when I went in I was already spilling ketones & needing to get some IV fluids. Being dehydrated will make you feel much worse & also cause your nausea medications to not be nearly as effective. As for Phenergan......if you end up really needing it, you may find that your body quickly adjusts to the side effects. Mine did anyway. While it would make me super sleepy at first, within a week, I was able to take it without issue.

I hope you are able to find some relief, I know how miserable the constant nausea & vomiting can be
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