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Re: Whats your laundry routine??

There are only three of us in our household but laundry does pile up at times. I do diaper laundry every 2-3 days depending on my schedule. I do one load a day at least and then hang it on the lines in the basement. I dry sheets, towels, and diaper laundry in the dryer everything else is on the line or drying rack. After all of the lines are full after a few days, then I fold everything and take it upstairs. It can sit folded in the basket sometimes until the weekend. Now that I am off for the summer I am keeping up with it better. Living out of baskets is ok, at least it is clean. Could you fold it as you take it out of the dryer or off the line? Can anyone else help folding and putting away? I put my clothes and my son's clothes away but my husband puts his own away. One thing that does help me stay on track is flylady, but I do not do everything exactly the way she does but it helps.
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