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Re: Quick and Easy Prep Dinners

Originally Posted by cbusbaby View Post
the other day i made something like chipotle. i made two different salsas (a corn one - corn, cilantro, lime juice, green/red onion; tomato one - can of tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro, green/white/red onion, lime juice), cilantro lime rice (cook rice then add lime & cilantro), and we had it with some chicken i shredded in crockpot (w/ a can of tomatoes, a jalapeno, some oil, and homemade taco seasoning) and then we ate all that with crockpot refried beans, lettuce, yogurt/sour cream, tortillas... seems like a lot but the yogurt and refried beans were made ahead of time in crockpot, and chicken that day.)

spaghetti with meat sauce

spaghetti alla carbonara - cook up bacon, cook pasta, drain it (save some water), add pasta quickly to egg yolks, stir up, add some pasta water, add peas.

tilapia/salmon and rice w/ steamed vegetables

ps. crockpot refried beans are... amazing. have you tried them?
Oops, missed the question! No, I haven't.
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