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I need healthy muffin and cookie recipes

My 21 month old is very picky. Like, to the point that I have an appointment with the doc on Friday to discuss it among other issues, including language. She doesn't talk so she can't tell me she doesn't like something. Most things she rejects, she's NEVER tried. My mom jokes that if you put a new sliced veggie in front of her, and a lint ball, she would put the lint ball in her mouth and drop the sliced veggie on the floor. And, unfortunately, it's funny because it's true. Its true if you try it with veggies, fruits, berries, eggs, etc etc.

Anyway, some of the things she DOES eat are cookies, muffins, and breads. I have not found a cookie she will reject. Every single one I have tried, she has eatten. Most muffins, particularly the mini style, she will eat. And breads, if she is hungry, she will at least try most of them.

So I am looking for some healthy cookie or muffin recipes. Preferably things that have veggies in them, like carrot muffins or zucchini cookies or something like that. They don't even need to be sweet, she's not gravitating towards sweets and won't even touch cake or frosting.

Spam me with your favorite healthy muffin or cookie recipes!
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