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I wouldn't drop my 5 yo at a party.

If its something like Chuck E Cheese I will take the others and pay separately for us and sit off from the party. If it was at a child house or the movies though I wouldn't take anyone who isn't nursing and needing access to me for that time.

If I am hosting, I don't mind if siblings come but 1. I am not responsible for paying for them and 2. You better let me know ahead of time. It makes the host feel bad when it's time to hand out cupcakes or goodie bags and Johnny's little brother can't have one because they didn't have enough.

One quick ramble...we had a party do ds1 7th bday. It was basketball themed and at our house. One mom showed up with her three other children (1 older, 2 younger). She didn't introduce them to me, didn't mention anything about them being there but thrust in the kitchen and ate food the entire time and them disappeared into my kids rooms and made a huge mess. I was mad. It was very rude. I never spoke up because I really didn't know what to say. Then my Dh gave her extra kids my kids goodie bags just to be gracious.
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