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Re: Hand, Foot and Mouth?

Originally Posted by doulamomma View Post
imo, it's not that big of a deal and one of those things that almost all kids get at some point and that you are better off getting it young than as an adult

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This line of thinking tends to get me a little riled. If there was a way I could have saved MY son what amounted to 7 days of pure torment - fever, mouth and throat in agony so that he didn't even want ice cream or popsicles, then his hands and feet peeling so that he looked like a snake, I would WANT to.

And just because it may not be a "big deal" for most kids, what about those that are immuno-suppressed or deficient? They should deal with a hospital trip and even worse because you are of the opinion it isn't "that bad".

I'm sorry, but I don't have two weeks of vacation to take off because things like this "should be gotten as a child". And if I did have the time, I certainly wouldn't want to spend it watching my babies be totally miserable and basically spoon feeding them to avoid dehydration.
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