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Co-sleeping failure...aka get this kid out of my bed!!

DD is VERY VERY attached to co-sleeping. She's slept solo a handful of times but almost always winds up in our bed.

Problem is...I'm pregnant...and she's a flailer....I've always kept her and DS2 separate because she kicks and flings her arms and is a very mobile little girl. I've got kicked more times than I care to count, so has DH (the flailing thing started within the last year or so, last pregnancy her limbs weren't an issue). Now that I'm pregnant I'm worried about her kicking me in the stomach (it hurts, she kicks like a mule!)

So, how do I transition a 4 year old to her own bed?

She won't be alone in the room, she shares a room with her older brother, but she still says she's scared. I've tried having her and DS1 sleep together but then she kicks him...

I have a few months to ease into this but I'm wondering how to start?
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