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Re: Protocol with younger siblings and parties

Originally Posted by lanwenyi View Post
Please, please NEVER assume that siblings are invited unless the invite SPECIFICALLY says so. Bringing an uninvited sibling and expecting them to be able to join in is rude to both the host and the other children.

For us:
DD is 4.5 and has gone to the last 3-4 bday parties solo. They were at private places (ie MyGym or Jump places) or at the homes of people we know well. Her first "solo" party was at 4y3mths. That's about average for her group of friends.

Parties held at homes of people I don't know well or at shared party locales (ie Chuck e Cheese or Jump places during an "open play") DH or I attend and the other one stays home with DS.

I never take DS unless he is specifically invited. One time, I had to bring him b/c DH was out of town and the party was at a person's home who I didn't know well. That time, I let the mother know ahead of time that I needed to bring him with me (all parents were requested to stay at this party). On the day of the party, I brought toys/games/entertainment for him, not expecting him to be included in the party (all the other kids were 4-5, while he was 2). One of the other guests didn't show, so the host invited him to join in, which was very generous of her. If it had been at a party place, I would have paid for him if she invited him to join in.
I agree with all of this
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