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Re: Fully vaxing families?

I am a fully vaxed adult. I used to skip influenza, but as a nursing student they were required and I anticipate the hospital requiring them of the nursing staff this fall. So, I expect to remain fully vaxed. Even got my Hep series as an adult because it wasn't part of my schedule as a child in the 70s.

I make sure that DH keeps up on his Tdap, but leave him alone about influenza.

My kids are pretty much fully vaxed. Influenza is one we go back and forth on. Some years they get it, some years we just don't get around to it. My kids all were infants/toddlers during the off market time for rotovirus, so they did not get that one. And, I just postponed HPV for my 11 year old son, at least for the time being.
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