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Re: Help! Tick head stuck in newborns arm

Originally Posted by CutiePatootiesMama View Post
Back from the appointment. She got the head out pretty easily and said she wasn't concerned about Lyme. She said she really doesn't think it had been on there for 24 hours and it would have to be for her to get Lyme. They didn't do any testing. She said if she gets a fever or anything call, but otherwise she's not concerned.
Part of me is not thrilled with that answer and part of me agrees. I just bathed dd this morning so I don't really think I would have not seen it. I'm thinking it must have come off the clothes, what she's wearing today was near the dirty clothes.
I don't know, I kind of wanted them to test for it but I also read that the test results are not that maybe it's best for me to just not worry unless I start seeing a reason to. I'm so exhausted I'm out of energy to worry right now.
Thanks for all the support mamas.
Lyme titers are notoriously inaccurate. At this point, if they are concerned enough to test for it, they would probably just put go ahead her on antibiotics, since so many of the titers come back with a false negative. In the 20 years since I had my experience with Lyme, you would think they would have made more progress, no???
Remember where the bite was, and if you see any rash or unusual redness develop, give the ped a call. I'm glad the ped got it squared away, and I think she will be just fine.
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