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Re: My 17 month old is not talking.

Originally Posted by m0mof6 View Post
There's nothing wrong with getting a speech eval if your worried. Most speech pathologists I know would rather get your child in early than waiting if he is behind. My MDD was not talking at 2 and I started the process through the school districts early childhood screening but by the time she started receiving help she was 2 and a half and screaming due to not being understood. She just got out of speech classes a year ago in 2nd grade.

YDS was not talking at 20 months when we started the process (hoping to not have the same problems) and he started speech play group just before he turned 2. He had great receptive skills but few expressive language skills. Now at 2 and a half he is already much further along than his sister was. He has a large vocab that we can usually understand if we know the context as well as many signs to help in communicating.
His younger sister on the other hand is almost 11 months and is already working on some words :lol:
If your LO needs help remember that it is in no way indicative of her intelligence. Both MDD and YDS are very intelligent with MDD reading several grades above her and YDS already can identify 3/4 of the alphabet as well as numbers to 10 and shapes and colors. His teacher wasn't going to assess him on these but was assessing older kids in the playgroup and he wanted his turn too :lol:
I agree with this.

Evaluations are certainly not pressure. My daughter loves it. We've had 2 evaluations this week and she thinks visitors to play with her is awesome.

anyways, I can tell you that once she hit 18months, she did start having a huge burst of new words. It's really amazing and overnight. So, if you are wanting to wait a little while, hopefully you'll see some positive changes in the next 2 months.

I can say that when they did our initial speech evaluation at 14months, they gave me tools such as 'don't just give her what she needs, make her ask', and they had me start to really emphasize letters like 'BBBall' with a really strong B sound. UUUp with a really strong U sound, etc.

Mostly they just listen and try to interact with her, talk about her toys, teach you how to interact with the child in the best way.

Turns out, I think my daughter was fine and just a little behind in speech because she was so far ahead in gross motor. Now it's evened out a bit. But it certainly didn't hurt her or me to work with the speech therapist.

At 20 months, she still doesn't speak sentences, but she keeps adding new words on her own like 'apple' and 'pig' and such.
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