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Like PPs have said, while getting her tested can't hurt, I wouldn't worry. At 17 months, DS1 said a single word: Ish (fish).

By 20 months, he'd picked a handful of names and the word cookie.

By his second birthday, he knew probably 25 words but didn't form sentences. Just one word commands. (i have a video of him at 26 months repeating the word lemonade for 50 seconds..........) My mom brought home a list of words all 2 year olds should say, and he was one short, but he had a few that were not on the list.

By about 27 months, he exploded. The sentences he strings together now...... I think he always knew the words, just not how to say them. I get flustered when I ask "what are you doing?" And he responds with "i have an idea. I'm trying something." As he puts washcloths into the microwave......

Once again, anecdotal evidence does not necessarily mean your child does not have a problem. But it's not necessarily a problem. I might wait until closer to 2 to start worrying.
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