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Stroller purchase...a series of bad choices..

I posted awhile back asking for suggestions on a carseat/stroller purchase. I finally decided to go with the Britax Roundabout and then the Britax B-Agile with the stroller board. We've had Britax carseats for awhile now, so no surprises there. But the stoller hasn't worked out as well. So I thought I'd swing by and see if anyone could tell me some btdt stories to make me feel better....

Let me preface this with the stroller is AWESOME-excellent quality, feels like it glides on air, very sleek looking...and I'd recommend it for larger kids... but it just didn't turn out to work well for what I needed. DD2 is very petite at 15 months she weighs 18 lbs and is 29 inches tall. I'd tried her in the stroller at BRUS and it was ok, a bit big, but I thought we'd grow into it. What I didn't try was the tray you can buy. It's near a foot away from her. She has to lean forward and grab on with her fingers to try to sit up straight and reach the tray. Then there's the stroller board. If your tall you kick when you walk and if your short your arms can't reach the handle bar when standing behind it. And dd1 has speech and behavioral delays and can't seem to handle the freedom and won't stay on. And to icing the cake I sold my Sit and Stand at my garage sale for almost nothing.

So today, as there Dad shakes his head in disbelief, I spent more money buying a Combi double off Craigslist.

Cringe, cringe, cringe..I feel like a major id*ot and now we're out crazy amounts of money

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