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Re: I need healthy muffin and cookie recipes

Originally Posted by L&MsMamma View Post
She does have several muffin/bread recipes with veggies in them too. I get the texture thing, I have an adult sister who had always been and is still to this day very funny about textures. My 27 month old DD has never been that picky but has definitely gone through some interesting phases as far as what she will and won't eat. She lived on avocado and whole wheat crackers for a while when she was younger!

I did discover after much experimenting that she loved cottage cheese which was a great way to get her some protein. Good luck finding what works for your LO!

Here is a link to a healthy cookie recipe we really like
Thanks for the link. That looks like it's worth trying and there seem to be some other recipes to try.

I just looked up that book in my library and it's out so I scheduled a hold on it. I just discovered I can do that online with my library, soooo cool. Anyway, when it comes in I will check it out.

Originally Posted by AngelicasMommy View Post

I just drop them on a cookie sheet instead of making a pie I also omit the oil and it still tastes the same as if you use it. And i cut down the sugar to 1/2 cup instead of 1 1/2. These are yummy
Ooh, that looks good, totally going to try that

Originally Posted by dancingingrace View Post
I know you weren't asking about this, but just out of curiosity...have you tried signing with her? You said she can't tell you if she doesn't like something because she doesn't talk, and while my DD NEVER stops talking, lol, it still isn't always easy to understand what she's trying to tell me b/c her words aren't perfect yet. Signing has helped us soooooo much, and it hasn't held her back in verbally speaking one bit, she does them both together. I have seriously been amazed at how much it has helped communication between us. Not trying to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong, just a thought....
We are just starting signing. I picked up a book a few weeks ago with ASL signs for baby, like "more" and "milk" and that sort of thing so we are just starting to work on that with her. If nothing else I am hoping it gives her another outlet at least.
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