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Originally Posted by mibarra

Yes, if you are worried, get it checked out. Don't listen to your ped if they are not concerned, get it done if YOU are. Babies as young as 6-12 months can be evaluated, there's no need to wait til 2. A Speech Language Pathologist knows all the different things to look for to make the best determination about whether you need services or he's just a late talker. Peds aren't really trained in the intricacies of language development, and I've seen TONS of kids who could have received YEARS of services (and the early the better for the most gains) who never got tested because the ped said:

1) They're an only child, no exposure to other children/you anticipate thier needs - let's face it, even only children with SAHMs have they're own thoughts and feelings that they need to express, and you can't anticipate EVERYTHING. Most typically developing children LOVE to label things, show them to you and name them, etc.

2) They have older siblings who talk for them - I can't find it currently, but there is research demonstrating that the rate of 'late talkers' in children with older siblings is NOT significantly higher than oldest/only children.

3) Can't tell/do anything til they are 2 - there are many things to look for and techniques that can be used at very young ages.

4) Einstein didn't talk til age 5 - not to insult anyones intelligence, but he was a genius. Top 5 percent or less of the population. It's statistically impossible for every late talker to be Einstein.

Not trying to step on any toes, just provide info! Not every child who is a late talker has a true language delay, but by the time you wait long enough to know, you've lost out on years of vital therapy if there IS a problem. And SLP services won't hurt!
Agree. Oh and it is almost 99 percent likely that Einstien had Aspergers Syndrome.

If you are concerned talk with your ped. If he isnt and you still are then call early intervention for your state.

My DD had no words or sounds at 20 months. Her receptive language was great but she couldnt speak. We are still in therapy and she talks great for us at home but does have selective mutism and high functioning autism. I am happy I went with my gut because speaking was the first sign something was off. Therapy has been a huge help for her. I am glad we didnt wait.

My oldest didnt talk much until 2 but had other delays as well.

You just never know the outcome and getting help earlier can reduce stress and frustration for both you and him even if there are no other delays.

Likely he is just a late talker and all is fine but the therapists with EI can really help and put your mind at ease.

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