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I do keep track of everything and he knows that I do. He just doesn't care. I keep track of visitations, calls, things like this. I have sole custody and he has visitation. He had supervised visitation for almost 3 years? He was finally awarded 1 overnight a week and 1 other visit a week (we chose this option instead of every other weekend...I felt 2 days overnight was too much for her other siblings go to their moms every weekend and she would never see them, so she usually spends Thursday nights with him). He only takes the overnight visit. He *fought* to get as much visitation as possible, then only takes the one visit a week? So I keep track of it in case he ever tries to take me back to court for every other week. He threatens me sometimes saying "oh I'll get one week with her, then you'll get one week" but I know that'll never happen.

I'm hoping this was only a one-time thing and it won't happen again. I do not want my kid having to deal with his crap. It's not fair to her and he should not be doing this to her.
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