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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by mommmy View Post
Does anyone here fear having too many kids/more that they can handle? This is something that is always on my mind. I've been pregnant pretty much every year since I've been with DH and I'm only 25 which means I still have 10ish years left of fertility and the thought that I could get pregnant each of those years really freaks me out :/
I have had 4 kids in 4 years and am 27 years old. The last 3 births being c-sections after a traumatic birth with my first. My last c/s was more complicated and healing was harder. I am fertily (I know not a word) blessed. Right now, we are praying hard and seeking God's will about another baby and the timing when/if it should happen because of possible risks to me/baby and healing issues. We feel He will direct us in what path to take and so we pray and trust that He'll show us His will and give us the strength to carry it out, no matter which way He leads us. I feel such a God-peace about waiting and seeking Him right now and know He is blessing our decision. If we didn't use condoms, I know I would be pregnant right now (God has blessed me so much with fertility, it's just the birthin' part where I think a fallen world has come into play). So we are using condoms while we wait on Him. I think a lot is all about convictions too. While some people may say we are not leaving our childbearing upto God because we are using condoms or others are using NFP (and their conviction for them is to use nothing), I feel like we are leaving it upto God because we are actively praying and seeking His will for our lives and family and trusting God will show us in His time. If I felt God was was convicting me about our use, then I would stop immediatly Hope I'm wording that right.

I think to some extent, we all have a bit of a say about our family size. One can choose what day to have sex on or not to have sex on. If we choose to have sex on a day when we are ovulating without using a barrier method, you are saying, "yes, God, we are open to another baby and we leave it upto you to decide to help us make a baby". If you abstain from sex on those days (or the few days prior to ovulation), then you are not going to get pregnant unless it's some true miracle. So even if some women use NFP, then one can argue they not leaving childbearing upto God, yes? (I know many who claim to be quiverful and still use NFP for spacing. And I know a few who've decided to be done childbearing when Mama's life would become more at risk if they chose to continue having children. Then there is the issue of fertility issues and couples' choices to try IVF to get pregnant because it's not happening naturally). I find no fault with thse, but wonder if die-hard quiverful families do.... My aunt's mom and dad were Catholic and had 10 children and were maxed out. They never technically used "birth control", but started sleeping in separate bedrooms and limited sex because they felt so done at 10 kids... in my opinion, that was birth control...

Anyway, things to ponder... it's a tricky subject. I think, in the end, you have to seek God's will for YOUR family and go the direction you feel HE is leading you. And asking Him to make your heart so sensitive to His voice. Not the way a "movement" is leading you. I hope I'm wording that right. A theme in my life has kind of been thinking there is "a right way -such and such- should happen" and then forces beyond my control changing it and realizing that God can bless many circumstances.

Okay, enough rambling! Off to bake some bread while all is quiet (or does that mean I should check on my hooligans???)

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