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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

What a beautiful testimony, fishmom! I think you're comment about large family size (and I would add small family size as well) not guaranteeing a good life is right on. No matter how many children or how few we are blessed with, we must work out our salvation by bearing our cross daily. The important thing is the openness to life, the abandonment of self will to God's will. Those who expect children just because they are not doing anything to avoid conception should beware pesuming on the Lord's generosity. There are many couples who have "done everything right" but are unable to conceive or must endure the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages. All iterations of family size are by God's will, as long as the couple is generously open to life.

I once read a marrige book that said choldren are the bonds that draw husband and wife together and strengthen the marriage. Some people love so well that all they need is one or two "bonds," but most marriages probably need at least five or six! When you allow God to plan your family, you are open to receiving the gifts that are best for your marriage.
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