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Re: Just for fun - 20 Q's Survey - All your favorites!

It was fun lol
Originally Posted by Kabuki24 View Post
Ladies, help me not be bored at work today! Let's do an "everything CD related survey." Help me keep this going by posting and bumping and in a couple weeks once we have a bazillion responses, maybe I'll compile the results! List your top three, or just your favorite. I think the responses could be really good for a newb!

Here goes:

1) Favorite AIO - discontinued bg aio

2) Favorite AI2 or Hybrid System - flip

3) Favorite Pocket - bg 4.0

4) Favorite Fitted - cheap? Motherease sandys, spendy? Sbish

5) Favorite Prefold and Flat - thirsties hemp

6) Favorite Cover - tough one, depends on what were using it for. Nikky makes a great cover. But flip for trifolding or inserts

7) Favorite Wool Product - luxe or eni wool wash

8) Pins, Snappis or Biongos? Snappis, havent tried boingos

9) Favorite inserts and/or doublers - joeybunz

10) Favorite wetbag/pail liner - wahmies

11) Favorite cloth wipes- i dont spend a lot of $ on these...etsy

12) Favorite WAHM shop - ewe need it is probably who we buy from most frequently,,.or cj's

13) Favorite Online CD store - fluffy cheeks.

14) Favorite Natural Detergent - tide. Haha. Uhh seriously? Ecos?

15) Favorite Mainstream Detergent - tide. Or all free and clear

16) Hook & Loop or snaps? hook and loop

And a few more questions just for fun

17) Why do you CD? Somedays i dont even know

18) How many LOs do you have in diapers and when did you first start CDing them? 1 ...2.5yrs

19) What diaper are you REALLY wanting to try next? Swaddlebees simplex

20) If you could only pick ONE diaper for your entire stash (not counting the newborn stage) which one would you pick? Bg 4.0, theyre cheap and work

Thanks for participating.. hope it was fun!
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