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Re: Daycare toddler room expectations?

Our only experience with this age and daycare was at a military ran daycare. I was pretty pleased how they did the transition, and little steps were taken prior to the transition from infant to toddler room. Her infant room introduced sippy cups at meal time around 10 months, at around 11 months she moved to sitting in a "big kid" table instead of a high chair (the seats were super low and had sides, and they would put a slip grip on the chair so they didn't slide out and under the table) She was also given a spoon at meal time. She got her notice she would be moving to the toddler room right after her first birthday (which at the time I panicked she was doing so well in her infant room, and I wasn't sure she was ready to move she had literally just started walking, and when I went to view her rooms the kids looked huge and were running!, they gave me the option to hold her back, but they had a transition period that was 2 weeks+ (so I said we would go ahead and proceed and see how she did with the transition period.) During the transition period she would go visit their room at various times of the day (drop off- breakfast- snack time- outside play-lunch- nap,pick up) She started just going for one hour for the main things, and then they upped the time until she was spending almost half the day over there by the end I was comfortable with the transition, and she didn't seem to be in distress and looked completely happy when I picked her up on the "big" playground, and she loved being dropped off in that room for breakfast. They didn't allow bottles, she was given a sippy, but around 15-16 months they started transitioning to an open cup, they used overhand technigue to help the child learn to serve themselves the food from the bigger containers (same technique used when they went to open cups, to learn to pour their own milk) She napped on a little cot (she already had napping issues at daycare, and I thought this would make it way worse! but surprisingly she napped almost the full nap period in the toddler room. Her first few days they rubbed her back to help her fall asleep. All together it was a great experience and in the short time she was in the toddler room sept to dec (because we relocated) she changed and gained so many new skills. Now if only all daycares were just as grand because then I'd contemplate going back to work.
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