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Re: Paranoid about not pumping enough

Originally Posted by mamma_z View Post
What type of nipple do you use on the bottle? We used a preemie nipple to slow the flow so that DS remained satisfied with a smaller (4 oz) bottle.

Maybe it would help to let them know that bottle-feeding should mimic the breast as much as possible so baby doesn't prefer bottle (which could lead to exclusively pumping for you, a pita which might reduce your supply or lead to early weaning).
I'm using the regular newborn nipples that came with the bottles. I use Playtex Nursers. LO does tend to feed for a long time when I BF her (she grazes, falls asleep, etc.), so I think you may be on to something about slowing the flow to satisfy her with a smaller bottle. DH's number 1 reason for feeding her more is how fast she ate the first bottle. I'm not 100% sure that she's even still showing hunger cues when he gives her another bottle at night, or if he's just giving her another bottle to knock her out so she'll sleep. In all fairness to my mom, she'll do every soothing trick in the book to try to get her to sleep aside from giving her a bottle.

My mom did BF me, so I had originally thought she would know what a pita it was, but she was a SAHM and only needed to pump a couple of times for any of her kids. She has sat with me while I'm pumping, so she knows it's time-consuming, but I'm not sure she knows the stresses of maintaining a supply by pumping while you're trying to work. I don't think she knows about BF babies overeating from bottles, aside from what I've told her.

I dunno. It's just so frustrating. I think I'll try pumping more frequently today and see if my supply catches up in a couple days.
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