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Re: "Morning" sickness?

Yesterday I made it the whole day without throwing up. I think I've found the trick, which is force feeding myself eggs in the morning. I hide them in a tortilla which kind of blands it down a bit. So I guess protein is key. Blah.

making yourself eat often and in small amounts helps A LOT! Especially small protein. During my worst pregnancies I ate bites of something every 30 min. Ask Dh to make up a variety of quick snacks so you can get something without having to think about it. thinking about eating is often worse than eating it. If you get sick...wait 10 min and EAT! it will help break the cycle of vomiting. If nothing helps don't be afraid of won't get a medal for not taking Zofran and hyperemesis CAN get so severe that you lose the baby (This is how I lost my first)
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